Sitemap - 2023 - Badreads

We made it another year!

This was supposed to be a Tinder post

Poor decisions

Don't Look Down Either

We need to talk about tinder

Let's go crazy

Hope for a bounce

Can I bum one?

The other thing we learned last weekend that I forgot to address.

Meet your heroes. It'll be pretty cool actually.

Horizons move

Bad timing

Playing with Matches

Confessions of a former people-pleaser

Taylor Swift, of course

I'm old now. Finally.

A few thoughts I should keep to myself



On sports fans

The size of balls in Texas


The last guy was an idiot

Random thoughts

write what you know and other worthless advice

Next Week

Maybe it doesn't have to be this way

An unpleasant post on unpleasant things

Everything bad is good if I don't like the guy

Maybe we're all only children now

I've got a few left

We're not supposed to be in the same room

Burn it down.


I will always love a fast car

A quick programming note

No one should want a puppy

Please don’t send me your poem. I still like you.

Fun Size



It’s a little warm out.

The Process

Random acts of silence

Not exactly running on empty


Some notes, from home.

I am not a true crime podcast

Almost home

Change your air, dummy

Mosquito Lake, Colorado

Amarillo by someday I guess.

Dwight Yoakam is not from Bakersfield

Sometimes the trip takes you

California, the part in the middle


10,000 miles

The other thing Steinbeck didn’t have to deal with

Don’t pick up hitchhikers

A river runs through it

Not exactly great clips

This isn’t an essay

I’m in love with a chain smoking Canadian named Rick

By popular demand

When you cross the rainbow bridge


I live in a van in your driveway, Heather

Update and a note on Notes


In which I try to join a cult


Sometimes leaving's pretty easy actually

Canned Answers

Eat Pray... Ugh

Some notes from Florida

Plans, who needs 'em

On the road… finally

Don’t answer that.

Delays etc.


Year in review part 2

Year in review, part 1

Steps like Sheep

Mini update


We’re not dropping this.

Four haircuts

Nothing is real


You know where this is going

No one has a happy hamster story

Why I won’t be pivoting to video, as a video

Creating monsters

Mini bottles of shampoo

Down one golf tee

it takes time

Rustic or leave it

About Paris though

One problem solved

I don't do edibles

In which I will learn nothing

How to book

French Edition

Road Books

Wanderlust I guess



To do lists

A post about what I don't want to talk about

On Gator Pond

Ten years ago


Van update